Self storage

Are you looking for self storage?

Then you’ve come to the right place at 1BOX. The self storage approach is simple: you rent a storage space from us, and store your own items or products there.

Self storage has many other benefits

Benefits of self storage

Let’s list them all for you:

  • You decide what size of storage space you want and what you are going to store in it.
  • Accessible 7 days per week, 365 days per year
  • All your things are kept safe in the storage unit
  • Ideal for temporary storage, but also for longer periods of time

Temporary storage: private or business

Self storage provides a solution for both private and business users. Self storage is useful, for example, for private users who are remodelling their home or moving house, but also for things like care tyres, motorbikes or gardening equipment. For business users, self storage is a solution when they need more space for inventory and archives.

Self storage with 1BOX

With one of our locations somewhere near you it is a simple matter to rent a self storage unit with 1BOX. Here is a list of our locations:

Would you like to learn more about self storage with 1BOX?

Feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you with advice.

What our customers are saying about us
4.8 5
Neea Barden
6 days past
Aaron was super helpful in helping me find the right storage unit for my needs and was honest about all the costs upfront. I arranged for a viewing and it all went well. The tour was informative and the registration process was very smooth.
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J “Mr future past”
1 week past
Zeer tevreden met de service, en de begeleiding naar het vinden van de juiste maat. Heb nog nooit zo'n goeie klantenservice meegemaakt.
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Jan Fluit
1 week past
Klantvriendelijk en altijd bereikbaar. Weer een box gehuurd omdat de voorwaarden altijd goed zijn en de prijs betaalbaar.
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Wendeline Nicasia
1 week past
Goeie service gekregen
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